Since Gorazd Marovič founded WINGS in 1997, the top priority has always been a focus on continuous product and customer service improvement. Our goal is clear: the best product at a fair price. To achieve this, we choose the best materials available and design and craft our products with skillful workmanship. WINGS exhausts are produced entirely in Slovenia, EU. We ship them worldwide directly to end-users. Innovation and continuous improvement are the foundation of the company’s success and contribute to our customers’ satisfaction.

WINGS has recognized innovations around the world. So far more than 15 patents were granted to WINGS in the USA and EU. We have also achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate as a part of our guarantee to manufacture consistent and reliable products. We focus on building long-term customer relationship and are proud of the large number of returning customers. We know that quality and reputation are a result of all our employees’ effort; therefore, we have created a relaxed and motivating work environment where quality is more important than production numbers. We welcome customer and employee feedback that can help us improve even more.


We at WINGS produce and sell exhausts and carbon parts and expect to make a profit, but we will not do so at the expense of our customers’ satisfaction; therefore, we choose the best materials and components for the WINGS exhausts and use all of our skills and experience to produce them. This is how WINGS has built its brand reputation. For example, we use exclusively Japanese Titanium with Scotch Brite surface treatment.

The premium damping wool we use in our exhausts is in many ways superior to the standard wool which is commonly used. The same can be said about our high strength gas-tight stainless steel rivets in comparison to standard rivets. We prefer a premium in-house produced CNC machined aluminium alloy anodized washers instead of cheap standard steel washers. If you look at the picture you will see why we use in-house produced clamps instead of the standard ones.

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